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Since its founding in 1980, Startel has established a loyal customer base from a variety of industries, including contact centers, education, government, healthcare, insurance, telephone answering service and utilities. Today, Startel has customers in 43 states across the United States as well as Canada, Central America, New Zealand, and Switzerland. Our customers depend on Startel’s solutions and services to increase business efficiencies, identify performance opportunities and deliver quick, secure and accurate communication 24/7 x 365.

Startel turned 40 in 2020!  


We all know that was NOT the big story.  Like so many other companies, the big story was Startel’s preparedness for COVID-19 and subsequent ability to pivot amid the pandemic.  Contact Centers and Answering Services who use Startel were pleasantly surprised they were already prepared for a pandemic as they were able to successfully deploy thousands of remote agents throughout the ordeal. For Startel, this has been an unprecedented opportunity for innovation and growth, and they continue to make strides as they realize the permanent changes this countrywide crisis has left behind. 


Let’s take a look at the progress Startel has made in a year where progress seemed impossible. 


Startel365 (Currently Under Development)


Startel’s newest development is centered around the Startel365 browser-based agent interface.  Yes, you read that correctly, a 100% browser-based interface for your agents.  This interface, that uses advanced scripting to guide agents through processing calls, will need no software footprint on the agent’s PC.  That’s right, no VPN, no remote desktop connection, and no softphone application needed. 


The planned functionality of this browser-based application is layered over the current CMC database and CMC services.  This has allowed Startel to overlay an interface designed using the latest in web design. 


Once developed fully, Startel365 will make onboarding of new agents faster by reducing training time.  The browser-based tool is user friendly and is visually easy to navigate. Anyone with experience browsing the web can be trained in hours, not days, making them able to answer and process calls in no time.  


Startel365 is being designed with Contact Center clients in mind. This product started with a vision to help contact centers and answering services, with specialized customers, better serve their clients by significantly expanding support for automation and integration with the end customers CRMs, ticket management systems, and other third-party software.  


If your client(s) prefer to have your agents enter data directly into their own software, 365 will be the answer.  With 365’s automations and integrations, agents can use the 365 interface for scripting and inputting information gathered from callers, and once saved, the data will be seamlessly inserted into the end customers software systems.  Agents will no longer have to learn the intricacies of each client’s individual systems/programs.  


Startel CMC 


As mentioned above, the Startel CMC is not going anywhere, it is only getting stronger! With the acquisitions of the PTD and Tascom platforms, Startel has experienced many “Wow, that’s an excellent feature!” moments from their new customers. As a result, they are taking those “wow” features and incorporating them into the Startel Contact Management Center (CMC).  


In the current Startel CMC 16.1 release, customers are managing actions (or priorities as some call them) similar to how PInnacle users do. Agents and Dispatchers love being able to view all actions in queue and see how long each action has been waiting to be handled, as well as how long until a message delay or reminder has until it is due to be acted upon by an agent.  


Flex Agent Interface (FAI) 


Startel has successfully taken their four-square classic agent interface and converted it into a flexible and easy to use tool for agents. Each window (OnCall, Info Pages, Scripting window, etc,) can be docked, tabbed, unpinned, or separated into its own window of data allowing users to take full advantage of monitor real estate. In addition to this flexibility, the Flex AI is user friendly with on screen buttons and functions making the onboarding of agents a snap. Join the Flex AI revolution, design a screen layout that gives agents what they need to see when and where they need to see it. Startel predicts by the end of 2022, nearly all agents processing interactions on Startel’s Contact Management Center platform will be using FlexAI. 




Startel is making significant advancements in products that allow you to increase customer engagement. One of these popular products is GenIMX with its diverse suite of features. 


GenIMX provides the ability to text enable your customer’s MAIN business line(s). This product allows agents to interact with customers via text and picture messaging. Using GenIMX for MAIN line texting allows centers/services to take advantage of an additional communications channel. 


In addition, GenIMX enables you to offer additional services to your clients such as; appointment reminders, event notifications, brief survey services, sending marketing messages, and more.  


Startel CMC Rest API


The Startel API is a translator that allows custom designed software to request information directly and in real time from your CMC database. 


Startel’s CMC REST API allows you or your customer to create custom applications to meet specialized needs. Do your customers want to automate pulling information into their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software? Do you want to have your own reporting tools, designed by you and your staff? Have great ideas for a mobile app for your business?  This is the tool that will get you all of that!


Get the CMC REST API and get started with customizing dashboards that suit your site’s specific needs, develop web-based applications for analyzing and monitoring staffing levels, or build your own tools for managing OnCall Calendars. 




Manage the status of your entire contact center in real-time, from anywhere, with Startel’s browser-based Dashboard. The Dashboard allows you and your staff to monitor queues, service levels, and the status of each agent from inside or outside of your network. 


Workforce performance and service levels are visually displayed in the form of charts and graphs, and details for each agent’s current activity provides management with real-time updates from the convenience of their desktop, tablet, and/or flat screen monitors displayed throughout the contact center.  


The Dashboard is customizable to each user’s role/needs. Once a customized layout is designed, it can be saved as a view profile, set as the default of the currently logged in user, or the default for all users. 




Now, clients can manage their services from the convenience of their mobile phone with PocketVantage. PocketVantage is designed to be a product contact centers can offer to their customers as a way to keep tabs on their business. PocketVantage is a virtual portal to the messages saved in your clients account on your CMC.  


In addition to accessing messages, your clients can access their current OnCall information to verify who’s OnCall now or check on who was OnCall last night. CMC user’s clients can also login to the app to update member and client statuses, assuring that the correct dispatching protocols are being used. 


Web Portal – IntelliSite 


The Startel Web Portal, also referred to as IntelliSite, is an effective, self-service solution that enables customers’ clients to successfully manage their business. From IntelliSite, users can access their account online from their PC, smart phone, and/or tablet.  And, based on their assigned access rights, make changes to Time Activated Alerts, OnCall Schedules, Directories and Members. Users can also access waiting messages as well as past messages that have previously been delivered to the customer. 


Startel IntelliSite is ideal for contact centers or telephone answering services (TAS). It is an excellent tool that can be offered to the end client as well as a convenient way to preserve your agents time for call handling.  


Secure Messaging Solutions 


Startel offers two solutions to meet their customer’s secure messaging needs.  Startel Secure Messaging Plus & The Startel Secure Message Gateway.


Startel Secure Messaging Plus (SM+) is a two-way messaging service that can be accessed as an application on one’s smartphone or tablet as well as via a secure website. SM+ offers a secure, HIPAA-compliant way to safely exchange sensitive information between providers and Contact Centers. Users can control message expiration, send attachments, track message status, and utilize group messaging. SM+ maintains HIPAA (Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act) compliance by encrypting data at rest and in transit.  


The Secure Message Gateway (SMG) allows users to send and receive electronic protected healthcare information to the most popular messaging providers. Startel has deployed integrations with TigerConnect, Halo, and pMD, with more being added in the future. The SMG provides the opportunity to work with healthcare organizations that have and established secure message platform with their organization. Agents can seamlessly dispatch and receive replies from these secure messaging providers without having to access additional third-party software.  


SoftSwitch 2.0 


Startel’s second generation SoftSwitch continues to be installed and deployed across all three of their platforms. Startel’s SoftSwitch has solid stability due to years of coding and development expertise. It is a native SIP platform, enabling the integration of SIP-trunking and utilizing the latest VoIP protocols while allowing the use of analog, T-1, and PRI circuits if necessary.  


The SoftSwitch routes calls based on skill level, queue priority, and user-defined scenarios. It also provides real-time status of contact center activity via the Startel dashboard. SoftSwitch 2.0 call return feature allows callers to opt out of queue requesting a call back when an agent becomes available. When on the request, the caller’s “call” remains in queue and holds the caller’s place in line.  When the agent answers that call, the agent is prompted to accept the call back call and the agent is connected to an outbound call to the number left by the caller. 


Total Billing Solution 3 


The pandemic has pushed consumers and companies to look for increased options for paying bills online and collecting payments more efficiently.  This push has made Startel’s Total Billing Solution a popular tool.  With the newly rolled out payment portal, companies can access statements, view invoices, and pay bills online at their convenience.  


The addition of the USAePay autopay integration, streamlines the user interface and eliminates the need for clients’ staff to learn their organizations’ banks’ ACH transaction process.  


For more information on Startel see the links below… 


Startel’s partners are leading organizations in the technology and call center industry. Together, we are focused on solutions that deliver measurable results and connect industry associations to continue raising the customer experience bar.


Startel’s leadership team is a combined group of outstanding individuals who are dedicated to making a difference in the contact center software industry. Our team reflects a group of diverse individuals with a depth of experience across the companies.

Career Opportunities

Startel offers a culture of excellence with the excitement of a rewarding career. With locations in California and New Hampshire, we take pride in hiring top talent that is customer focused and values teamwork, honesty and open communication.

User Groups

Startel, Professional Teledata and Alston Tascom have combined their dynamic user groups to ask questions, share ideas and have fun. Together, they unleash the power of each software and share their knowledge through training, webinars, conferences and other networking opportunities.


Startel’s software offerings are used in various industries ranging from contact centers to healthcare, insurance and education. Our extensive product offerings and large user base in these numerous industries demonstrates our customers’ confidence in choosing our products.



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