Contact Center Solutions
Available On-Premise or in the Cloud

Provide Your Clients with High-Quality Software and Top-Notch Customer Service

The Next Generation in Communication
Powered By Startel

Our Interactive Messaging Exchange (GenIMX) allows your Contact Center to interactively communicate in more ways than ever before!

Introducing Startel’s Comprehensive
Solution for Healthcare Systems

Specifically designed to meet the healthcare industry’s most pressing needs.

Maintain Service Levels
During Peak Times

With our new Temporary Agent Position Program, add additional licenses at the times you need them most!

Be Prepared
For a Disaster or Outage

Our Revenue Continuity Solutions minimize downtime and help to keep your business in business.


Our team creates comprehensive experiences for companies both big and small. We are committed to designing solutions that deliver proven and measurable results.


Startel has earned the trust of hundreds of companies across North America in Contact Centers, Healthcare, Education, and half a dozen other industries.


We offer a full range of services to meet your individual business needs. Our services are centered on our commitment to innovation and continued learning.

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Our Testimonials

“Professional Teledata has made our billing system a seamless process. Whenever we need technical assistance, their support team is great and is always ready to help.”

Peter W.

“Startel’s staff is incredible. From their sales reps and trainers to their installer and remote service team – they are all so responsive and supportive. They truly understand the sense of urgency in a healthcare setting and the need to maintain a redundant and reliable system.”

Maureen D.

“From dispatching calls to scheduling patients on-the-fly, the Startel CMC has simplified the way our agents operate. It has made our staff more efficient and resulted in fewer dispatching errors. The Startel CMC is the way of the future for answering services and contact centers.”

Rose H.

“The decision to select Startel was an easy choice. We appreciate that Startel is focused on developing products that are scalable and nimble for today, yet will adapt easily to new and unforeseen technologies and trends.”

Randy H.

“We have been doing business with Alston Tascom for over 30 years. They are not only our vendor, but an extension of our company. In the many years of doing business together we have faced many challenges in technology and they have always been able to meet or exceed our needs.”

Jean P.

“Partnering with Alston Tascom is the best decision we have made. Their Tech Support Team is reliable and dependable. They don’t rush you off the phone like they are in a big hurry. They take the time needed to completely solve your problem and leave you feeling confident.”

Verna T.

“The Alston Tascom team are small in numbers but large in results. They care about their users, listen to their needs, and are always available when help is needed. Whether you are a small answering service of a few seats or have 150 agents, they make you feel like you’re their only customer.”

Luis B.

“I just love that both my Alston Tascom Switch and Professional Teledata Billing Services are all under ONE ROOF now! I have the best of both worlds with the best peace of mind and ease of service and equipment coverage.”

Craig D.

“PInnacle is like karaoke for call centers! Our agents have learned to follow the script and let the software do all the difficult tasks. This allows us to focus our training on the quality of the customer experience!”

Jeff W.

“Professional Teledata has allowed our company to expand into a new market because of how flexible their software is. Their team is very knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile when you need tech support.”

Stephen S.

“The technology support team and developers at Alston Tascom have been immensely helpful and responsive. Their hosted system enabled me to start my company five years ago. I cannot say enough good things about them!”

John V.

“You will never find a more honest and sincere group of professionals dedicated to helping you succeed than Startel. Their solutions are hands-down the best in the industry. I couldn’t ask for a better technology partner!”

Drew R.