The Startel Contact Management Center (CMC) is a Windows-based, multichannel platform that combines queuing and routing processes, scripting and dispatching, and real-time monitoring and reporting for healthcare, telephone answering services, contact centers, and other industries. It also manages and blends all inbound and outbound media, including voice services, SMS, email, fax, paging, secure messaging, and instant messaging. From a product standpoint, the CMC encompasses Startel’s Central Processing Server, Intelligent Dispatching Server, Switch Communication Link, Administrative Controls and Agent Interface to provide an extremely flexible and powerful solution to meet all of your current and future contact center needs.

With the Startel CMC you can:


• Intelligent Forms provide advanced, flexible scripting capabilities to accommodate complex messaging, order entry or survey requirement.

• Startel OnCall/Web OnCall automatically displays time and date-sensitive information when calls are presented to agents. With Startel OnCall/Web OnCall, scheduling is easy! Agents simply point and click to schedule and make on-the-fly changes.

• Clients of the Startel Web Portal, also referred to as IntelliSite, clients remotely manage their Directories, OnCall Schedules and Time Activated Alerts via a Web Browser. Changes are protected by access rights, and are reflected in activity logs to streamline tracking. In addition, clients can pick up and file messages and Startel Extended Forms using a secure web connection.

• Clients can confirm that they’ve received their messages via email or on their phones quickly and easily.

• With Startel’s Reverse-Save feature you can build a customer database for your clients by saving information from messages back to the CMC database.

• Communicate with healthcare professionals in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner and environment with Secure Messaging Plus (SM+) powered by Startel. The SM+ application can be used in conjunction with the Startel CMC or independently. When used with the CMC, SM+ messages are fully tracked and archived.


• Our Windows-based SQL platform enables quicker account setup and easier agent training, while Startel Spell Check allows agents to quickly correct spelling errors before dispatch. In addition, users have the ability to design and deploy multiple message forms per client.

• Agents have the ability to email or fax on-the-fly, overriding predefined contact information.

• Startel’s Auto-Dispatch software automates the dispatching process, providing quick and error-free message delivery based on each client’s specific needs.

• Startel Reporting provides more comprehensive detail on every call. Every segment of the call can be tracked and measured—even events within the call. In addition to providing the ability to meet ATSI (Association of Teleservices International) standards, this level of detail provides better SLA (Service Level Agreement), workforce performance reports, and detailed billing capability.


To learn more about the Startel CMC, including its benefits and features, download the solution brief.

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