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Our team creates comprehensive experiences for companies both big and small. We are committed to designing solutions that deliver proven and measurable results.

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Startel has earned the trust of hundreds of companies across North America in Contact Centers, Healthcare, Education, and half a dozen other industries.

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We offer a full range of services to meet your individual business needs. Our services are centered on our commitment to innovation and continued learning.

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Our Testimonials

"I have been using the feature of dialing from the OnCall window for a few months now. I can definitely say that it has saved our operators precious time and made the process of contacting on call personnel much more efficient!”"

Tanisha Sherman

"From dispatching calls to scheduling patients on-the-fly, the Startel CMC has simplified the way our agents operate. It has made our staff more efficient and resulted in fewer dispatching errors. The Startel CMC is the way of the future for answering services and contact centers."

Rose Hamura

"The decision to select Startel was an easy choice. After learning about its open source technology, built-in disaster recovery and multi-site capabilities, we felt very comfortable from an infrastructure and redundancy perspective. We also liked that Startel is focused on developing products that are scalable and nimble for today, yet will adapt easily to new and unforeseen technologies and trends."

Randy Harmat

"We implemented the Startel CMC with the Startel Soft Switch one year ago and the results have been excellent. The first thing we noticed is the speed of the system combined with the Soft Switch - it's faster! From a technical aspect, the system's programming is extremely flexible and robust. The financial savings we've experienced from being able to automate processes and tasks has been impactful - essentially the Startel CMC has enabled us to do more with less!"

Dennis O'Hara

"At Howard General County Hospital, we depend on Startel's solutions to answer and process incoming and outgoing telephone calls and log codes, rapid response requests and long distance calls. In Startel, we have a partner. One that helped us to improve caller satisfaction and reduce answer time, while also empowering our Telecom team to manage patient information in-house without increasing staff."

Joan Becker

"If you are looking for a reliable, state-of-the-art call management system and a partner with 30 years of experience and commitment to continuous development, you don't need to look any further. TELAG, which is the largest emergency organization in Switzerland, relies on Startel's CMC solution to provide support to our 1300+ customers. We receive up to 20,000 emergency calls each weekend, and we use the Startel CMC to manage and escalate processes. I could not run this part of the business without Startel."

Hans Jurgen Dregger

"For those companies looking for sustained growth and opportunities, Startel is the answer. It's robust, feature-rich software solutions leverage the latest communication technologies to deliver an exceptional experience to your clients while at the same time reducing your labor costs."

Aaron Boatin

"Startel’s staff is incredible. From their sales reps and trainers to their installers and remote service team — they are all so responsive and supportive. They truly understand the sense of urgency in a healthcare setting and the need to maintain a redundant and reliable system."

Maureen DiTore

"We have been a Startel customer since 1985, when our company purchased a 2800 system. Today made me realize why I have stayed with Startel. When we need Startel, they are there. Their capable crew quietly and professionally does all the things that need to be done to ensure our business is operational and our service needs are met."

Patricia Scott