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Dispelling 6 Misconceptions about the Cloud. Myth 3: Cloud is Not Reliable

This week, the third week of our 6-week series addressing the myths/misconceptions associated with the cloud, we take on Myth 3, which revolves around the reliability of the cloud.

MYTH: Cloud is Not Reliable

FACT: While notable outages have been well documented in recent years, businesses that are using the cloud prove to be more reliable than other types of infrastructure platforms. Defined processes, advanced 24/7 monitoring capabilities and expert system administration all help contribute to uptime guarantee. In fact, most cloud providers offer a 98-99% SLA and have invested heavily in infrastructure and support to ensure high levels of performance and availability. With cloud solutions, data can be backed up to multiple locations and services, providing an added level of protection.

Studies by Microsoft and others have confirmed that when businesses shift to the cloud, they see improved service availability1. A 2013 study released by Microsoft Corporation found that SMBs that use cloud services have experienced the following advantages1:

– 94% have gained security benefits they did not have with their former on-premise technology, such as up-to-date systems, up-to-date antivirus and spam email management
– 62% have seen increased levels of privacy protection
– 75% have experienced improved service availability

The real silver lining in cloud computing is that it enables a higher level of reliability at a fraction of the cost.

Next week we will look into the myth that the ‘Cloud Cannot Scale for Large Organizations.’ In the meantime, please post your comments. We look forward to hearing from you!



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