It’s official Startel, PTD and Alston Tascom have merged into one unified company.  United to deliver best in class contact center solutions.  All three company’s will now officially call themselves “Startel!

No matter what we call ourselves, the core of all we do is to “Deliver Best in Class Contact Center Solutions” and in doing so, truly hope that “We Shall ALL Prosper Ever After!”

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So how exactly will this name consolidation impact current clients?  In 2021, most of the adjustments will be cosmetic in nature.

  • All Marketing materials and campaigns will display the Startel logo only.
  • All Team Members will be utilizing a email address.
  • We will be combining phone numbers, so we have one Tech Support Line and one Primary Contact Number.  Again, all the old numbers will still work, they will just be routed differently and answered as Startel.

Our marketing team has already been updating our website along with other external materials.  The Startel logo has also gotten a slight makeover!