Did you know Startel can integrate with top healthcare messaging applications? You do now!

You’ve already got a secure messaging app so what good will Startel do for your business? Watch this video to find out more!

Startel’s software offerings are used in various industries ranging from contact centers to healthcare, insurance and education. Our extensive product offerings and large user base in these numerous industries demonstrates our customers’ confidence in choosing our products. We offer solutions for the traditional contact center, healthcare, government, education, insurance as well as the rest of the TAS industry.Startel is a leading providers of best-in-class contact center solutions. With 40+ years of experience in the industry, we have established a loyal customer base in contact centers and healthcare.Since its founding in 1980, Startel has established a loyal customer base from a variety of industries, including contact centers, education, government, healthcare, insurance, telephone answering service and utilities. Today, Startel has customers in 43 states across the United States as well as Canada, Central America, New Zealand, and Switzerland. Our customers depend on Startel’s solutions and services to increase business efficiencies, identify performance opportunities and deliver quick, secure and accurate communication 24/7 x 365.