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Startel, Professional Teledata and Alston Tascom offer a suite of messaging solutions that provide robust digital communication between agents, supervisors, technical and medical professionals.


Startel Enterprise Messaging Services


Startel Enterprise Instant Messaging


Real-time communication between your agents and supervisors is key to delivering excellent customer service. Startel’s Enterprise Instant Messaging solution keeps your employees connected no matter their physical location. With Startel Instant Messaging, you can:


• Exchange messages with local and remote users.


• Broadcast critical information to predefined groups, departments or all users.


• Set and update status settings to increase efficiency and decrease frustration.


• Monitor and record user desktop activity. This is a powerful training tool – especially for new and/or remote agents.


• Define access to IM features using administrative controls to set access rights for agents and supervisors.


• Use event notification via the flexible task manager to create and edit tasks for yourself, your agents and your groups.


• Track and report message activity in real-time and access historical reporting on all aspects of the system.


• Schedule conferences and chat sessions, or create them on-the-fly.


Startel SMS


Any businesses that receive urgent calls have become increasingly reluctant to rely solely on email messages. The solution? The Startel Short Message Service (SMS). Built from the ground up, Startel’s SMS solution is 100% software-based and delivers messages quickly and reliably to your busy clients. With Startel’s SMS solution users benefit from:


• Complete mobility to access messages anywhere a cell phone can go, so can a SMS text message.


• 100% reliability with a solution that now sends and receives millions of messages each month with proven reliability.


• Lower total cost of ownership with less hardware and 100% software means lower total cost of ownership. There is a small monthly fee based on usage.


• A full suite of billing and activity reports allow all of your SMS activity to be tracked and monitored, and we provide detailed and summary reports for billing.


• Simple implementation steps to set up clients to receive SMS messages with no need for cellular modems, web pages, or other potential hardware bottlenecks or failure points.


• Full integrations with multiple switch platforms, including the Startel Soft Switch Platform or a 3rd party switch platform.Startel’s SMS can be fully integrated into the statistics for billing purposes.


• Limitless access to send and receive an unlimited amount of text messages, there is no pre-set maximum!


Secure Messaging Plus Powered by Startel


Accessible from the Web or an application downloaded to one’s smartphone or tablet, Secure Messaging Plus (SM+) offers a secure, HIPAA-compliant way to safely exchange sensitive information via text with your peers and office. Our users experience all of the benefits of texting, but in a secure manner and environment. With Secure Messaging Plus Powered by Startel, users can:


• Maintain compliance. Stay HIPAA, GLBA and SOX compliant with messages and attachments that are encrypted in transit and at rest on devices using SM+ as well as on the servers which house the content prior to expiration. Startel also undergoes an extensive annual HIPAA audit to ensure compliance standards are met, or exceeded.


 Control expiring of messages. Set messages to expire at a predetermined time or when marked as read or filed. Messages that do not have a defined expiration will expire within the originating subscriber’s default number of days, not to exceed 30 days.This feature offers users an additional layer of security.


 Send attachments. Securely send and receive attachments such as voice recordings, audio and image attachments for better collaboration with colleagues. This is a key feature for physicians and staff to consult on patient files.


Track the status of all messages. Subscribers can track when a message from their device has been sent, viewed, read and file. When SM+ is used in conjunction with the Startel CMC, messages and their content are fully tracked, archived and encrypted. Real-time reports can also be generated by administrative personnel based on a number of criteria, including duration of time, subscriber use, etc.


• Forwarding of messages. Prior to sending a message, users have the ability to indicate which messages can be forwarded. Administrators can also enable certain accounts to not allow forwarding of any messages.


• Group response and messaging. When replying to a group message, users can choose to reply directly, and only to the sender, or to the entire group.






Professional Teledata Messaging Services


PInnacle Cloud SMS


The PInnacle Cloud SMS solution is a commercial-grade, high-volume, high-availability solution developed for the requirements demanded by our customers. It is not subject to rate limits, monthly usage thresholds, or cell towers. Instead, you and your clients can easily and reliably exchange messages without worrying about service interruptions or rate limiting. This allows you to focus on growing your business, not managing your SMS provider.


With PInnacle Cloud SMS, you’ll get:


• Complete mobility for all of your needs. Clients depend on PInnacle Cloud SMS, our 100% software-based solution, to send and receive text messages.  


• Full Reliability and Redundancy Ours solution can process millions of messages each month with proven reliability. Its built-in Disaster Recovery feature provides users with the ability to send and receive SMS messages even during an unexpected event.


• Simple implementation with little IT involvement. There is no need for GSM or cellular modems, Web pages, or other hardware. Since SMS is included as a standard built-in feature in all cell phones, there is also no need to install an app.


• A full suite of billing and activity reports. All of your SMS activity is tracked and monitored, and every text message sent through PInnacle provides status information about message delivery. Users can also retrieve both detailed and summary reports to use for client billing purposes.


• The ability to retail reply message. When an SMS user replies to an outbound SMS message, a copy of the reply is automatically attached to the original message and stored making it ideal for businesses that require an audit trail.


• Lower total cost of ownership Less hardware and 100% software means lower total costs of ownership. There are no modems to purchase and/or spares to stock.


PInnacle Cloud SMS is not HIPAA-compliant. If you and/or your client are looking to exchange sensitive information via encrypted messaging, consider our HIPAA-compliant Secure Messaging Plus solution, the preferred communication solution among healthcare professionals.




Alston Tascom Messaging Services


Secure Messaging Gateway Powered by Startel


As messaging technology has grown and evolved, healthcare organizations have been presented with many different secure messaging applications from a wide variety of providers. In some cases, a single organization may have multiple platforms used in various departments and locations.     



The Secure Messaging Gateway, Powered by Startel, allows users to send and receive electronic protected healthcare information, or ePHI, to the most popular messaging providers from one HIPAA-complaint application:


• OnPage


• TigerConnect


• DocbookMD


• Twistle


• Mediprocity


• DocHalo


• pMD


• HipLink


• Telnyx


• Imprivata


• TelmedIQ


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