A multi-client, multi-application system operating on standard PCs and networks with existing telephone equipment – the perfect tool for meeting the demands of order entry and inbound call processing.

PI-2000 scripting and messaging software are running in hundreds of high traffic service bureaus, catalog order operations, and corporate call centers throughout North America.

With powerful, flexible scripting and order taking capabilities, PI-2000 is proven to increase agent performance and reduce training time. The scripting system, through unique visual prompting, guides the agent seamlessly through every call.  With fewer keystrokes, fewer modes, and no flipping through information screens, agents can easily learn to perform even the most complex tasks and make professional and courteous responses to each incoming call.

With its remarkable flexibility, capacity, and ease of use, PI-2000 delivers the industry’s simplest, most efficient transaction processing. And our simplified menus and input screens enable even a virtual novice to create scripts for any service. Applications include:

• Full catalog and order entry processing

• Referral services

• Enhanced messaging

• Geographical dealer locator

• Scripted surveys

• Forms processing

• Reservations and scheduling

• Fundraising

• Consumer information

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