Premise-Based Contact Center

Robust functionality with greater control!



As a compliment to our cloud-based delivery model, Startel offers a premise-based deployment for companies that wish to install, manage and maintain their investment behind their corporate firewall.


Check out the list of all our CMC features below!

Startel Premise-Based

Contact Management Center (CMC): This windows-based, multichannel platform combines queuing & routing processes, scripting & dispatching, and real-time monitoring for telephone answering services and contact centers. It also manages and blends all inbound and outbound media to increase revenue, reduce costs, and streamline training and administrative functions. The Startel CMC does it all!

Flexible Agent Interface (FlexAI):  Training on the Startel system is now even easier with our Flexible Agent Interface!  Your agents will have the freedom to customize their windows and match systems they might already be used to using!  With FlexAI it will take a fraction of the time it used to take in order to make agents confident and productive.  

Enterprise Messaging Services: Real-time communication is key to delivering excellent customer service. With Instant Messaging, Secure Messaging, SMS, email, fax and paging, Startel users and their clients are equipped with multiple ways to stay connected 24/7. Your team can exchange instant messages with other individual IM users, groups, departments or all users with our online chat solution. Our messaging applications are available as SMS texting or HIPAA-compliant secure messaging.
Reporting: Startel Reporting pulls real-time data from the Startel CMC to provide users with greater insight into the performance of their contact center. From agent performance to client billing and call statistics, managers depend on our standard and custom reports to better manage staff efficiency and service levels. With Startel Reporting, you can:

• Unify data for a complete view of your contact center’s performance
• Control delivery generation and format
• Track business performance with standard and custom reports
• Monitor real-time performance from the Startel Dashboard

SoftSwitch: This robust program uses software to route calls based on skill level, queue priority and user defined scenarios. The Startel SoftSwitch provides flexible integration options that are built on open architecture software protocols that allow users to integrate with a wide variety of third party software and hardware products. All while guaranteeing reliability and lowering the cost of software ownership!
Voice Services: Our Voice Services integrate voicemail, call recording and e-fax services directly into one platform for more effective communication. This solution is 100% software driven and fully redundant, giving you more options to enhance your business continuity. With Voices Services, you can:

• Record all of your interactions for quality and training purposes
• Easily locate the data needed with its search and retrieval features
• Use data retrieved to add value to every customer interaction
• Create flexible voicemail greetings for all communication types

Web Portal: The Web Portal, also referred to as IntelliSite, enables clients to directly access and successfully manage their business 24/7 from the internet. Through the Web Portal, users can view messages, contact staff directly, update their OnCall schedules, listen back to their phone calls, and much more! This mobile-friendly tool delivers the flexibility users need to make immediate, real-time changes to their account.
Appointment Scheduling: Startel Appointment Scheduler (SAS) & Reminder gives telephone answering services and contact centers the opportunity to provide this cost-effective service to their busy clients. Integrated with Startel CMC, SAS allows you to manage your client’s calendar by scheduling appointments and sending email confirmations and reminders.

Premise-Based Solution Benefits

Expert deployment with installation, software cut-over and on-site training after purchase. Our field service engineers will work closely with your IT administrators to ensure deployment is seamless and that your organization continues to operate at peak performance.

Retain control over your hardware and software as you decide the best methods to safeguard your network, data center layers, and solution investment. Your business also retains control over the software because it is implemented on your hardware, and under your security measures. We will work with your organization to ensure our solutions meet your unique needs and compliance requirements.

Leverage technology investments to achieve optimal results. Data integration can be tricky enough to begin with, but with our premise-based solutions you can continue to integrate tightly with your existing software investments, including customer relationship management, speech analytics, workforce optimization and more.

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