Third Party Integrations

As organizations increase in complexity and shift their focus from being a transactional center to a true contact center focused on customer engagement, the need for integrated systems expands exponentially. With Startel’s Third Party Integration Services, improve the efficiency of your organization by leveraging your current technology investments. Improve agent and management productivity by automating business processes, streamlining workflows and consolidating multiple systems to leverage vast data amounts.

What We Offer

Below is a sampling of the third-party software systems, including customer relationship management, speech analytics, and workforce optimization, that Startel’s solutions can integrate with. If you don’t see a system that your organization has invested in listed, contact us – we’d be happy to discuss your integration needs.


Customer Relationship Management


Speech Analytics


Workforce Optimization


Active Directory


Startel’s solution for Healthcare has HL7 integration as well as integration with MEDITECH and Clinical Solutions’ IntefleCS Product Suite.


Third Party Integration Services Value

• Leverage Existing Investments: Get the power of Startel’s solutions without having to give up or bear the expense of changing any of the capabilities you already have.


• Access Real-Time Data: Quickly and easily exchange information from multiple data sources to offer an improved and consistent customer experience.


• Add Business Value: System integrations can positively impact all aspects of an organization, including efficiencies, employee satisfaction and even profitability.


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To learn more about our Third Party Integration Services and how they can help transform your organization, contact us at sales@startel.com.

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