Custom Software Development

Startel realizes that no two businesses are the same. Just as our business environments, needs, processes, and objectives differ, so do our results. A software solution that works well for one company may not produce the same results for your organization. However, instead of changing your streamlined business processes to adapt, consider Startel’s custom application development service. We can create, deploy and maintain customized applications designed to fit your needs as well as the needs of your customers.

What We Offer

Startel strives to design applications and software solutions that are customized to your business and industry requirements and help save you time and money. We can create a variety of custom software applications that are PC, mobile and or tablet friendly and designed to optimize performance, increase accountability, and boost ROI.


Have an idea for a custom application that will automate a business processes or integrate with a third-party solution? If you can imagine it, we can create it. Contact us to discuss your custom solution.

What You Get

Broaden your business processes and gain a competitive advantage with Startel’s Custom Software Development service. Our customers benefit from:


• Latest Technology: Startel’s custom software applications are developed using the latest up-to-date technology. In addition, all solutions are tailor-made to meet our clients’ business and industry requirements.


• Certified Professionals: The team dedicated to creating your customer software applications is made up of industry certified software engineers, programmers, testers, designers and technical writers with exclusive skill sets for this service.


• All-In-One Solution: Your business may rely on a number of software programs to monitor, track and manage staff as well as clients. With a custom application you can cleverly integrate the various systems together and design a single application to access all programs.

Contact Us

To learn more about how Startel’s Consulting Services can enhance your business, contact us at sales@startel.com.

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