You want your organization to operate at peak efficiency while also delivering top-notch customer service and achieving a healthy ROI. In order to attain these results you need more than a powerful, comprehensive technology solution. You need proven contact center and Telephone Answering Services (TAS) best practices and processes to support your technology investment. The Startel Consulting team has the experience and industry knowledge to help your organization enhance its operational efficiency and effectiveness.

What We Offer

Startel’s team of experts will help you leverage technology innovation and proven contact center and TAS best practices and processes to achieve your business goals while reducing the risk of doing it yourself. We’ll help you identify and resolve concerns specific to your business and provide the highest return on your investment.

What You Get

As your business partner, Startel Consulting is dedicated to defining and implementing strategic processes designed to transform your traditional contact center into an industry leading profit center focused on enhancing the customer experience. Our Consulting customers benefit from:


• Industry Tenure: Startel has performed thousands of implementations across a variety of industries, including contact centers, telephone answering services, healthcare, insurance, and many others, since 1980.


• Subject Matter Experts: Many of Startel’s employees have been with the company since its inception while others bring valuable knowledge gained from other companies and industries. Combined, these subject matter experts offer best practices in infrastructure and implementation, training, and solution development, including unified communications, business process automation and performance management.


• Real-World Application: Before a solution is recommended, our Consulting team will evaluate all areas of your organization, including supporting infrastructure, technology and processes. Proven contact center principles and methodologies and real-world application are also considered in the complete solution.


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To learn more about how Startel’s Consulting Services can enhance your business, contact us at sales@startel.com.

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