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Welcome to Startel’s Blog

Did you know that there are 152,000,000 blogs worldwide? Or that a blog is launched somewhere in the world every half of a second? I share this with you because our blog – this blog – is different (or so we’d like to think it is!).

At Startel, we are passionate about our industry and passionate to share what we’ve learned during our 30+ years of developing and integrating technology that helps organizations improve efficiency, increase productivity and enhance the customer experience.

Unlike most companies dipping their toes into the blogosphere for the first time, we have a lot to say. We have many blog-worthy ideas and can’t wait to get started! And with Startel’s President and CEO Bill Lane agreeing to be a regular contributor, you won’t be disappointed.

And with this initial post, we have set the bar high. We realize that with 152,000,000 other blogs (and counting!) available online we have a lot to live up to and we look forward to delivering.

With that, please subscribe to Startel’s blog! It will be the best decision you made all day.

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