Meet Our Leadership Team


Brian Stewart, Chairman & CEO

Brian became Chairman when he acquired Startel Corporation in October 2011. Brian is responsible for providing the leadership and vision for the future. Brian, along with the senior management team, is responsible for executing that strategy.


Prior to acquiring the company, Brian was a long time Startel customer and user of its leading edge software technology. Brian is a serial entrepreneur and owns and operates over two dozen businesses which employ almost 500 professionals across the United States who serve clients in 81 countries around the world.


Brian is both a US Army and Law Enforcement Veteran and is involved in many civic, philanthropic and industry organizations. He is also actively engaged in politics and believes in giving back to his community.


Margaret Lally, Senior Director of Operations & Technical Services

Margaret joined Startel as a Senior Systems Engineer and Support Manager in 1998 and has served as Senior Director of Operations and Technical Services since 2005. She oversees all operations, including staffing, inventory, and scheduling, building and testing of new systems as well as repair and testing of legacy systems. Margaret is also responsible for technical services, including staffing, project planning, implementation and training. In addition, she acts as a liaison to research and development and quality assurance.

Pat Kalik, Director of Customer Service

Pat co-founded Professional Teledata (PTD) in 1993 and served in various roles, including as President of the company until the merger with Startel in September 2015. As the Director of Customer Service, Pat draws upon her 27 years of experience in the TAS and Call Center industry to oversee customer service and client relations.

Steve Newell, Director of Sales

Steve joined Startel in 2007, bringing more than twenty years of telecommunications experience into his role as eastern regional sales manager. In 2012, Steve was promoted to Director of Sales at Startel and currently oversees the company’s sales strategy, goals and activities. Other duties include developing presentations for customers, conducting market analysis and devising strategies for generating new business.

Alan Hartmann, Director of Software Development

Alan joined Professional Teledata (PTD) in 1997, following the merger of Tele-Data Systems and Professional Inbound, and served as Vice President of the company until the merger with Startel in September 2015. As the Director of Software Development for PTD, Alan draws upon his 40+ years of software engineering experience and 33 years of call center and business management experience to oversee all current and future product development of the PTD product line.

Georgia Thompson, Controller

Georgia has over 15 years of senior level financial experience, and most recently served as Startel’s Senior Accounting Manager. Having been with Startel since September 2010, Georgia is responsible for all accounting operations and financial functions including financial reporting and strategizing. She has a broad back ground in accounting operations with almost 25 years’ experience in both public and private companies.

Rachel Hayes, Director of Marketing

Rachel joined Startel in 2012, bringing more than seven years of contact center experience into her role as Director of Marketing. Rachel oversees all strategic marketing efforts for the company, including branding and messaging, communications, lead generation, social media, public relations and community service. She also works closely with sales to support targeted outreach of new and existing markets.

Jim Graham, Director of Special Operations

Jim co-founded Professional Teledata (PTD) in 1993 and served as Vice President of the company until the merger with Startel in September 2015. As the Director of Special Operations for PTD, Jim draws upon his 30+ years of computer and software development experience and 23 years of call center experience to oversee all operations and technical services for Professional Teledata.

Wayne Scaggs, Director of Corporate Strategy

Wayne was President of Alston Tascom from 1994 to 2017 and was inducted into the ATSI Hall of Fame in 1999. Before becoming president of Alston Tascom, he served in many capacities with the company, beginning in 1979. With many first-to-market products in the TAS Industry, Wayne chose to join Startel in 2017 to further the advancement of Startel and the TAS industry as a whole.

Dianxun Xu, Director of Research & Development

Dianxun joined Startel in 1998 as a Senior Software Engineer. He was promoted to Manager of New Product Development in 2000 and responsible for developing a new generation of software (Startel CMC). In 2005, Dianxun was named Director of Research & Development and responsible for overseeing all product development for Startel.

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