Performance Management

Provides Actionable Insight

Gain real-time insight into the performance of your organization, your systems and your employees with Startel’s Performance Management solutions. Use the reports and analytics to identity areas of opportunity and when needed, take immediate action to improve processes, communication and delivery.

What We Offer

Startel’s Performance Management solution offering includes:

  • Startel CMC: Combines queuing & routing processes, scripting & dispatching and real-time monitoring & reporting
  • Startel Dashboard: Monitors queues, service levels and the status of each agent, group and contact center
  • Startel IntelliSite: A powerful Web-based account management tool that enables our customers’ clients to successfully manage their business 24/7
  • Call Recording: Captures voice and desktop activity for future playback
  • Quality Management: Evaluates and assesses agent performance and offers coaching opportunities
  • Reporting: Consolidates data from multiple sources to track performance and gain insight
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