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More than 40% of small businesses that suffer from a major disaster without a disaster recovery plan in place never reopen for business. This startling statistic reinforces the importance of having an up-to-date, comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan in place. By preparing in advance for a system outage, power interruption, or even a natural disaster, you can minimize downtime and help ensure that your customers’ data remains secure and accessible.

With Startel’s Disaster Recovery (DR) Solution, you can continue to deliver uninterrupted service to your customers regardless of the situation from a hardened, redundant, secure datacenter in the cloud. Startel DR delivers more than a complete failover solution – it delivers peace of mind.

What We Offer

Users of Startel’s Disaster Recovery Service benefit from the following features:


With Startel’s Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Solution you can expect:


At the heart of any good BCDR plan is redundancy. Startel has built resiliency into every component of our DR solution, including network routing, power and Internet delivery, hardware, routine backups, etc. In the event of a network outage, hardware failure, hurricane, etc., Startel’s DR solution will initiate a rapid cutover to a redundant system, allowing your business to continue delivering uninterrupted service regardless of the situation.


The Startel Disaster Recovery solution enables you to quickly and safely backup entire virtual machines, including operating systems, application data, and production environments, in a simple, non-disruptive manner. In 15 minutes or less, businesses can get confirmation that their data is restored. Key features of the Startel DR solution include automated synchronization of database and key files, automated database and key file backup and a backup system that acts as a hot standby system. Web and data synchronizations occur automatically every 15-minutes on both the Startel Contact Management Center and Startel Soft Switch.


A DR solution is essential for mission-critical organizations that cannot afford to be down. Therefore, a well-thought out BCDR plan should include implementing regular data backup/disk mirroring procedures; and instituting cloud-based failover/failback to virtualized applications, system and infrastructure. By combining these processes with Startel’s DR technology, you can expect to increase the level of availability for all of your applications and ensure customer service level agreements are met.


While there is no universal DR plan that suits all organizations, below are considerations intended to lay the groundwork for BCDR planning. From preparation to execution, we are with you every step of the way. We will work together to address the DR considerations specific to your business needs and environment:

  • Define all business functions & impact on business
  • Determine potential disasters & impact to those business functions
  • Decide which solution allows an acceptable recovery
  • Document DR plan and implement infrastructure, if needed
  • Verify, test and update DR plan, as needed


To realize a successful implementation of a BCDR solution, and to ensure the continuity of critical business functions regardless of the event, companies must work in partnership with their employees and vendors. Rely on Startel’s Disaster Recovery solution to provide your business with the support needed to keep it operational, and profitable.

To learn more about Startel’s Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Solution, download our industry brief.

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