Awards & Certifications

Startel Certifications and AwardsWe are proud of the industry-wide recognition and awards Startel’s users have received as a result of their dedication to excellent service. These awards and certifications are further evidence that Startel’s solutions and services are helping to redefining the contact center industry.

ATSI’s Certification & Award Recipients

The Association of Teleservices International (ATSI) represents 400 of the most sophisticated telephone answering services (TAS) in the world. ATSI offers several award programs to recognize both individual and company achievement, including:


24/7 Site Certification

This program sets forth nearly sixty criteria that TAS must meet or exceed to be recognized for displaying high levels of proficiency in recovery techniques, good business practices, documentation of procedures, and levels of redundancy necessary for 24/7 preparedness. According to the Startel National Users Group (SNUG), Startel is the vendor of choice by half of the TAS currently ATSI or CAM-X certified.


Award of Excellence

This program was designed as a tool to measure customer service levels. The success of the program has not been based on “winning” the award, but in the internal training and quality control each participating company puts in place to achieve the 80% average score across the all calls.


We are thrilled to announce that of ATSI’s 2017 Award of Excellence winners, 96 distinct companies, or 54% of participating companies, are Startel and Professional Teledata customers! Two of the ten companies recognized for ATSI’s Top 10 Calls are also Startel and Professional Teledata users. Lastly, the recipients of the Platinum Plus (21 years!) award is also a joint customer of Startel and PTD!


Award of Distinction

This program focuses on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), courtesy, etiquette and proper call techniques of the agents handling the application. This program assists contact centers in assessing and controlling the quality of service they provide to their clients.


ATSI’s 2017 Award of Distinction winners included 5 Startel and Professional Teledata users. In addition, the recipient who received the Top Score, or highest score, of all participating contact centers for 2017, is also a joint customer!


CAM-X’s Award Recipients

The Canadian Call Management Association (CAM-X) is an industry trade association representing North American call centres and telephone answering service companies. CAM-X annually recognizes companies with two award programs:


Award of Excellence

This is a ‘mystery caller’ program that offers CAM-X members the opportunity to have their call centre agents evaluated by an independent panel of judges, over a 6-month period. This program offers members with the tools and knowledge needed to assure their agents are providing the professional level of quality their clients demand. Startel is proud to announce that of the 2012 CAM-X Award of Excellence winners, more than a dozen are Startel customers. In 2014, 13 Startel customers received the CAM-X Award of Excellence; two of the 13 recipients also received Top 10 scores! 13 Startel customers received the 2015 CAM-X Award of Excellence; two of the 13 recipients also received Top 10 scores and one took the Top score!


Call Centre Award of Distinction

This program was created in response to requests by call centres across North America for a tool to measure the skills of their professional contact centre agents on the job. For six months independent panels of judges score call-handling skills for enhanced service applications. The focus of this award is on customer relationship management, courtesy, etiquette, the use of proper call techniques, as well as response time and accuracy. Startel is proud to announce that many of the 2012 CAM-X Call Centre Award of Distinction are Startel customers. In 2013, a Startel customer received the CAM-X Call Centre Award of Distinction along with the Top Score among the entire call center industry! In 2014, three Startel customers received the CAM-X Call Centre Award of Distinction. In 2015, three Startel customers received the 2015 CAM-X Call Centre Award of Distinction, with one user receiving the TOP score! Congratulations to all of the award recipients!

Past Don Berry Award Recipients


The Don Berry Award was initiated by Startel in honor of its founder, Don Berry, and is awarded by the Startel National User Group to individuals who exemplify excellence in the advancement of SNUG and its members. Startel’s late vice president, Sheryl Denny, is the proud recipient of the 2010 Don Berry Award. Startel’s manager of product testing, Jim Hoopes, and product manager, Victoria Nelles, were the proud recipients of the 2015 Don Berry Award. Startel’s senior system engineer, John Carey, was the 2017 Don Berry Award recipient.


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