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Startel's Solutions for HealthcareNowhere is the need for fast, reliable and secure communications more acute than in today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment. At Startel, we understand the growing call center and technical requirements placed on healthcare systems. The community you serve, including doctors, staff and patient, want to speak with knowledgeable contact center agents who can access information quickly and address their concerns on first contact.

Startel’s solutions for healthcare are designed to help hospitals, healthcare providers, pharmacies, medical centers, HMOs, and medical telephone answering services provide physicians and their staff with seamless communication, increased efficiency and greater patient satisfaction. And with our Healthcare Contact Center Investment Program, healthcare organizations can take advantage of our flexible payment options and keep pace with emerging technology!

A pioneer in physician answering services, Startel’s healthcare clients include some of the nation’s leading hospitals. They rely on Startel’s solutions to:HIPAA Compliant

  • Maintain Compliance: Startel’s solutions are HIPAA and HL7 standards compliant, protecting both the patient and healthcare organization. Learn more about HIPAA in the contact center and how you can manage your most critical messages with Startel’s Secure Messaging application.
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction: Emergency calls are routed with priority to the highest skilled agent available and then appropriately dispatched to doctors, nurses and on-call physicians.
  • Reduce No-Shows: Appointment reminders are sent to help ensure a higher level of “successful” appointments.
  • Protect Sensitive Data: Messages and recordings containing protected health information (PHI) are securely encrypted, transmitted and deleted as necessary to protect against data theft.
Startel's Solutions for Healthcare
  • Deliver Accountability: As a Startel user, The Valley Hospital relies on Startel’s solutions to monitor contact center performance, accurately forecast staffing levels and ensure job satisfaction remains high among its financial analysts. To learn more about The Valley Hospital, and the significant improvements it has experienced since implementing Startel’s solutions, download the customer success story.
  • Keep Pace with Emerging Technology: We understand the resource constraints, technical requirements and regulatory challenges facing today’s healthcare systems, and we are happy to help our clients overcome them with our Healthcare Contact Center Investment Program. Learn more about this program!

Startel offers both premise-based and cloud solutions, giving you the freedom to choose the deployment option that is right your business. Other Startel features used by our healthcare clients to achieve their business objectives are:

  • Alpha paging
  • Code alert and dispatch
  • Custom scripts
  • Email encryption
  • Disaster Recovery & Redundancy
  • IVR
  • On-Call Scheduling
  • Physician Locator
  • Secure Messaging
  • ANI automatic lookup and import
  • CTI link
  • Elevator monitoring
  • Emergency Dispatching and Notification
  • Holiday Schedules
  • Main Number Directory
  • Overhead Paging
  • Physician Referral
  • Time activated alerts

Startel’s solution for healthcare has HL7 integration as well as integration with MEDITECH and Clinical Solutions’ IntefleCS Product Suite. Additional Startel products recommended for healthcare organizations include:

  • Business Process Automation
    • Startel Appointment Scheduler & Reminder
    • Startel Voice Logger
    • Startel Reporting
  • Performance Management
    • Startel Contact Management Center
    • Startel Dashboard
    • Startel IntelliSite
    • Call & Screen Recording
    • Quality Management
    • Reporting
  • Unified Communications
    • Startel Soft Switch
    • Startel Email & Email Response Service
    • Startel Messaging Services
    • Startel Faxing & Paging Services
    • Startel Voice Services
    • Startel Intelligent Dispatch
    • Startel IP-PBX


Startel is active in the healthcare IT community. As a member of ACUTA, Startel attends and exhibits at the Annual ACUTA Conference, as well as the Annual Conference of Healthcare Call Center.

To learn more about Startel’s solutions for healthcare, download our industry brief and review our Unified Communications platform for today’s healthcare systems! Also, be sure to read the The Valley Hospital success story and the Keck Medical Center of USC success story. Learn how Keck Medicine of USC used Startel’s contact center solution to improve operator competency and save almost $700,000 annually!

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