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Startel's Solutions for EducationTraditional and online colleges, universities and technical, trade, and vocational schools receive a tremendous number of inquires each year from current and prospective students, parents, faculty and alumni. Faced with the challenge of responding quickly and effectively, many of these institutions have invested in contact centers staffed with representatives trained to handle a variety of requests. Startel’s solutions for higher education help to simplify call handling while also increasing first call resolution and caller satisfaction.

Many departments on campus rely on Startel’s solutions to:

  • Improve Caller Satisfaction: Route calls to the right person the first time to reduce caller frustration and increase first call resolution.
  • Streamline Processes: Automate main number directory to answer common questions about admissions, financial aid, housing, etc. through help lines.
  • Improve Staff Productivity: Spread the call load evenly across available agents to handle peak periods and notify staff of any sudden changes in wait time or call volume via real-time statistics.

Startel offers both premise-based and cloud solutions, giving you the freedom to choose the deployment option that is right your business. Other Startel features used by our education clients to achieve their business objectives are:

  • Credit Card Authorization
  • Disaster Recovery & Redundancy
  • Email Encryption
  • IVR
  • Secure Messaging
  • Web Portal
  • CTI Link
  • Dispatch Services
  • Holiday Schedules
  • Main Number Director
  • Skill-based Call Routing

Additional Startel products recommended for colleges, universities, and trade schools include:

  • Business Process Automation
    • Startel Appointment Scheduler & Reminder
    • Startel Voice Logger
    • Startel Reporting
  • Performance Management
    • Startel Contact Management Center
    • Startel Dashboard
    • Startel IntelliSite
    • Call & Screen Recording
    • Quality Management
    • Reporting
  • Unified Communications
    • Startel Soft Switch
    • Startel Email & Email Response Service
    • Startel Messaging Services
    • Startel Faxing & Paging Services
    • Startel Voice Services
    • Startel Intelligent Dispatch
    • Startel IP-PBX
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