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HIPAA In the Contact Center

The buzz surrounding HIPAA in contact centers is getting louder, and with good reason: As of September 23, 2013, healthcare providers, health plans, other HIPAA covered entities and their business associates must comply with the new Privacy and Security requirements. Those who fail to comply by the deadline or experience breaches in customer data security may face with substantial fines and penalties. This blog post will be one of several regarding HIPAA, and what we (software vendors and users) must do to comply with it. To ensure we all have a basic and common understanding of HIPAA, this first blog … Continue reading

Open vs. Proprietary Systems: Open Software Standards

  In this 3rd installment in making the case for Open Systems Computing (OSC), we will be discussing Open Software Standards. We will specifically define the terms and point out the advantages of implementing solutions that adhere to Open Software Standards. For the strict purposes of this blog post – we shall define Open Software Standards as software that adheres to the following criterion – the software utilizes, 1) internationally accepted standard protocols, and 2) standard Application Programming Interface’s (APIs) that are published. If a software solution meets the above criterion, we will say it conforms to Open Software Standards. … Continue reading

Open vs. Proprietary Systems: Portability

Continuing the case for Open Systems Computing (OSC), and since we discussed Interoperability in the first blog post, we will focus on Portability today.  Reiterating the definition we are using for OSC, it may be defined as those computer systems offering: 1) interoperability, 2) portability, and 3) open software standards.  Portability, similar to interoperability, usually refers to how well “new” software products work with “existing,” or “legacy,” software and/or systems in a corporate environment. Which begs the question: what does it mean to “work well” within the corporate environment? Precisely this, almost any software product can be made to work … Continue reading

Open vs. Proprietary Systems: Interoperability

As I pondered what topic would be best to launch my participation in the Startel blog, I decided I would make the case for Open System Computing (OSC). While it is a large and complex topic, it is also a very important one. Why is OSC important? The succinct answer is because OSC, 1) encourages innovation, and 2) keeps cost down for consumers of technology – both corporate and end users. As it will inevitably take several blog posts to cover this extensive topic, I will attempt to break up the topic into more easily consumable bitesize pieces. Today’s post … Continue reading


William Lane, President & CEO of Startel I joined Startel in June, 2008. Prior to that, I served as the founder and president of Lentegra Corporation, a multi-million dollar financial services organization headquartered in Boston. I have also held senior management roles with Oracle, Microsoft Corporation, and FileNet Corporation, a document imaging and storage provider acquired by IBM. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, reading and traveling. Rachel Sauerbrey, Marketing Manager In my role I am focused on all strategic marketing efforts, including branding and messaging, communications, lead generation, social media, public relations and community … Continue reading

Welcome to Startel’s Blog

Did you know that there are 152,000,000 blogs worldwide? Or that a blog is launched somewhere in the world every half of a second? I share this with you because our blog – this blog – is different (or so we’d like to think it is!). At Startel, we are passionate about our industry and passionate to share what we’ve learned during our 30+ years of developing and integrating technology that helps organizations improve efficiency, increase productivity and enhance the customer experience. Unlike most companies dipping their toes into the blogosphere for the first time, we have a lot to … Continue reading

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